Intelligent Disinfection & Sterilization Robot

Puductor is a disinfection robot committed to the intelligent disinfection and epidemic prevention of indoor spaces with high population density and strong mobility. By using PUDU SLAM patented positioning and navigation solution, combined with high-performance atomization module, Puductor can achieve 6log-level of disinfection effect, which strongly improves the safety of environmental sanitation

Package Dimension 584×604×12958 (mm)
Machine Weight 61KG (Fully Loaded) / 37KG (No Load)
Gross Weight 54 KG(with Carton) / 77 KG(with Wooden Box
Machine Size 516×500×1288 (mm)
Battery Life 4H
Charging Time 4.5H
Cruise Speed 0.5-1.2m/s Adjustable
Machine Material ABS/Aviation-grade Aluminum Alloy


Disinfection Module

Noise <36db
Size of Tank 310×250×620 (mm)
Volume of Tank 23.8L
Atomization Speed 2000mL/h
Water Lack Protection YES

Just the right choice of different indoor scenarios

Pudu Robotics has independently researched and developed its own robot positioning and navigating technologies based on multi-sensor solution, BellaBot could be widely used in commercial scenarios like restaurants, hotels, office buildings, etc


Shopping mall


Internet Cafe





Product Features

  • Powerful Sterilization
  • New Intelligent Disinfection Planning
  • Voice Patrol for Early Warning
  • 3D Obstacle Avoidance- Ensure Safety

Powerful Sterilization


The robot can completely eliminate harmful indoor microorganisms of 600㎡ in one time

23.8 L

Super-large capacity for 10 hours of use without refilling the disinfectant

5μm ~ 15μm

Ultrasonic atomization technology is used to quickly atomize the disinfectant to form 5μm ~ 15μm dry mist particle diffusion

2000 mL/h

High-performance disinfectant atomization module with 2000mL/h ultra-high atomization rate to quickly achieve indoor air disinfection

New intelligent disinfection planning

The disinfection requirements are intelligently analyzed according to the usage scenarios, the disinfection rout and duration are independently planned to fully cover the environmental space

Voice patrol for early warning

With real-time voice broadcast, transparent epidemic prevention and disinfection process, rolling playback of anti-epidemic knowledge, we can make the crowd feel at ease with the robot and rest assured of disinfection

Safe, to be safer

3D obstacle avoidance-Ensure safety

  • 2* INTEL® REALSENSE™  RGBD sensors enable robot to detect obstacles precisely
  • Stop immediately when confronting obstacles
  • Minimum height of object detection is 20cm
    Obstacle detection frequency up to 5400 times per minute
  • Front detection angle up to 192.64°
    Front obstacle detection range exceeds 10m
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    All-aluminum Body

    Aviation-grade aluminum alloy that is structurally stable, antioxidant and corrosion resistant

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    3D Obstacle Avoidance Sensor

    2* Intel real sense RGBD camera

  • null

    Laser Radar

    New-generation radar with more efficient SLAM mapping

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    Visual Camera Positioning

    Top infrared camera for real-time positioning, set up the complete visual positioning solution

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    Disinfection Module

    Atomization rate:2000mL/h Capacity: 23.8L
    Dry mist particle: 5μm~15μm

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    Independent Suspension System

    Independent suspension system, easily dealing with various of dump on the road